Waco’s Industrial Air Conditioning Professionals

P & E Mechanical Contractors are Waco’s premier locally-owned and operated industrial heating and air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance company. It's our pleasure serve the needs of our light and heavy industrial partners throughout McLennan County and nearby parts of Texas.

We have become the “go-to” industrial contractors for our region, and are exceptionally proud of the business relationships we’ve made and the many very special industrial partners we’ve served.

Installation And Repair Of Industrial Air Conditioning Units

From manufacturing to warehousing, energy generation to medical, we’ve built a reputation over the years for prompt, reliable service within the industrial sector; our company’s guiding principles of respect for our customers and a dedication to reducing our clients’ costs through efficiency has helped P & E Mechanical grow into the most trusted industrial HVAC contractors in our part of Texas.

At every point in the lifespan of an industrial air conditioning unit — from the original ground-up design of a heating and cooling system through installation and continued preventative maintenance programs — we find ways for our customers to save on lifetime costs through utilizing the latest technologies and “best practices” for keeping existing HVAC systems at their peak performance. Our technicians are second to none, competitively priced, and offer a level of service that no one else in our market can.

Safe, Reliable Work For Industrial HVAC Systems

On some level, every business always has its eye on the bottom line. In most building applications in our part of Texas, operational costs of industrial air conditioning systems can account for as much as one-third of a building’s annual electricity expenditures. Where many industrial HVAC contractors see problems, however, at P & E Mechanical we see that large percentage to be an opportunity to find ways to increase efficiencies — and bring down your costs.

Finding high performance, cutting edge technology air conditioning solutions for our industrial partners has been one of the hallmarks of our company since we first opened our doors; and as HVAC technologies and industrial air conditioning systems continue to evolve and improve, we maintain our technicians’ level of expertise by ensuring they remain competitive and knowledgeable in manufacturer’s newest systems.

With the best training, instrumentation and tools in the field — and with years of experience service industrial clients right here in Waco, Texas — our industrial technicians can help your business manage your energy use and reduce costs every step of the way, from initial design consultation to energy audits and revamping major components to reduce energy use and offset maintenance costs.

Safe, Reliable Work For Industrial HVAC Systems

Safety, as they say, is no accident; for our industrial partners in particular, safety in the workplace is of paramount importance to ensure a productive work environment with minimal interruption. At P & E Mechanical, our accident-free record for installation, repair, and maintenance of our industrial HVAC projects has been the result of a direct, focused effort that has put attention on every aspect of our company’s work practices as they relate to the safety of our employees and of those in the companies we are fortunate enough to serve.

For our industrial customers, that means our OSHA-certified, safety-trained technicians are able to accomplish jobs safely and successfully without unexpected downtime; fewer accidents are always better for a company’s bottom line, and P & E Mechanical does its part in keeping workplaces safe.

24/7 Emergency Industrial Air Conditioning Service

In residential applications, when air conditioning fails, it is uncomfortable and inconvenient; but when industrial HVAC systems go down, the result is lost productivity, lost revenue, even lost inventory. “Time is money” is a cliché, but it’s an extremely apt one for our industrial clients, and it’s one we take very seriously.

Our emergency service is available when you need it, on your timetable; at P & E Mechanical we make every effort to ensure our industrial clients are served promptly, and are back online as quickly as possible. We know you have choices in the Waco area, but we’re also confident you’ll appreciate what P & E Mechanical has to offer. For a superior level of industrial air conditioning service, installation and repair, contact the experts at P & E Mechanical today!